the glaze is poured onto the dry canvas and spread around with a soft fan brush

the glaze is mixed in a metal pan, oil paint with solvent + linseed oil

the excess glaze is poured off onto the pan

an area of grass before wiping away the glaze

the glazed finished painting with a richer glow of color is then dried outside

Steps in Glazing a dry oil painting with a transparent color, in this case a golden brown cast, to achieve a richer overall color and unify the tones

the painting after the glaze is poured. the painting is rotated in a circular motion to spread the glaze evenly.

the cloud area exposed after wiping off the glaze

closeup of the glaze dripping down the canvas

taking a tissue and gently wiping out an area of cloud in the painting to highlight it. Always wear gloves when oil painting!

closeup of the glaze and tissue

the grass area with glaze above it