Malcolm Tuffnell Art Studio


"the resting place"

oil on canvas 2018

this work is in memoriam to my father, Doug, who died Sept 2, 2018, aged 90. He loved the ballet and the lovely ballerinas, and they are pushing him in his wheelchair up towards the sunlit mansion on the hill, his resting place.

this piece won 2nd place at the SBAA Faulkner Gallery show for November



"Cyrena ballerina" oil  16 x 20 

"Pa's boat"

oil  1982   revised 2018

"Pa"  is Phillip E. Bunker, my stepmom Carol's father, a retired Boston University professor of accounting, and avid lobsterfisherman , hence the boat...he died some years ago, but was a great old guy, a "character", indeed, eh?...


butterfly scarf, "sulphurs and asters"

silk, available custom order manufactured by VIDA company

see my new page, "Methods", where i demonstrate how to glaze an oil painting!

Malcolm Tuffnell Art Studio features landscape and ballet-themed artwork, pastel and oil paintings that would interest art galleries and art lovers that exhibit/collect traditional fine art.