Carousel kiss oil  36 x 48 in

SOLD 2012

the land beyond 

oil on canvas  18 x 22"

2017   $475

October sky, Acadia

oil on canvas 22 x 28"

2016      $500

La Sylphide (the white gown)

oil on canvas 18 x 30"

2012   $675


rehearsal break

pastel on paper
2017 $150



pastel on paper 9 x 12"

2017 $150

Malcolm Tuffnell Art Studio features landscape and ballet-themed artwork, pastel and oil paintings that would interest art galleries and art lovers that exhibit/collect traditional fine art.

teacher and student abstraction  

oil on canvas 18 x 24" framed

picking wildflowers, Anza Borrego
oil on canvas 18 x 24" framed
​2017   $575

little butterfly fairy 

pastel on paper

2014  $150

see my new page, "Methods", where i demonstrate how to glaze an oil painting!

distant spring rain, Joshua Tree

oil on wood  18 x 32"

2001  rev  2017  $575

Malcolm Tuffnell Art Studio

the painting below is a memorial to my dear little mom, who passed away in 2010 at 86. a haiku poet and art lover and model. here she is guided by a  ballerina spirit on the road to the afterlife, in the season of autumn, a time of endings.

past few months have been trying to go in a new direction artistically....involving abstracting the negative space around the ballerinas and integrating them into this space with color and values...less emphasis on placing the figures in a realistic environment...boiling it down to just the dance and the dancers...

butterfly ballerina

oil on canvas 16 x 28"

2017  $575

sunlight across mackerel sky, morning

oil on canvas 24 x 30" framed

2001 rev 2017  $850

this is the prep drawing for the opposite painting